The 347 area code includes the New York City boroughs of Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island. These boroughs are all very populated, with Brooklyn and Queens each containing more than 2 million residents each. They are also very ethnically diverse, with large percentages of residents being African American or Hispanic. However, this does not mean that the 347 area code is littered with more immigration lawyers than other parts of the country. In fact, the 347 area code contains a wide variety of lawyers who practice mostly in smaller law firms. They include bankruptcy lawyers, family lawyers, and personal injury lawyers, just to name a few.

347 Demographics

Brooklyn has the largest population out of all the boroughs in New York City, with a population of about 2.5 million residents. It is also the second largest borough, in area, in New York City. In terms of diversity, Brooklyn is an exciting place to live. The racial composition of this 347 area code borough is about 43% White, 35% Black, almost 20% Latino, and 9% Asian American. It is no surprise then that many of the lawyers who practice in Brooklyn come from different ethnicities. For example, Evelyn Williams was a prominent, African-American lawyer from Brooklyn who advocated for civil rights in the earlier part of the century. Not surprisingly either, there are also a plethora of immigration lawyers in this 347 area code borough, most of whom work in smaller or solo law offices.

One interesting demographic statistic about this 347 area code borough is that it is made up of much more women than men. There are about 88.4 males for every 100 females in Brooklyn. This disparity also has its impact in the legal world: for example, the Brooklyn Women's Bar Association is a very prominent and well-known association of female lawyers, contrasing with the older, establishment-oriented Brooklyn Bar Association. The lawyers in this organization are dedicated to eliminating gender bias in the courts. Brooklyn also has a very large lesbian community, more so than in any other 347 area code borough. In fact, in 2009, this 347 area code borough was the location of the National Lesbian and Gay Law Association's annual conference. Many practicing lawyers and aspiring lawyers attend this conference every year.

347 Economy

Only about 44% of Brooklyn residents actually work in Brooklyn. Thus, Brooklyn depends on neighboring areas such as Manhattan, to do well economically in order to provide jobs for Brooklyn residents. Jobs in this 347 area code borough used to be concentrated in manufacturing, but since 1975 jobs in Brooklyn have shifted to being concentrated in the service sector. This would include jobs such as accounting and computer service firms, but likely includes an influx of lawyers too. This trend can be seen in the numerous small to mid sized law firms employing lawyers all throughout Brooklyn. Construction is also a rapidly growing sector in Brooklyn, as are small businesses. While the unemployment rate in Brooklyn is at about a little less than 6%, employment discrimination, particulary against older workers, remains an issue.

347 Culture

Brooklyn has often been portrayed in many books, movies and theater. For example, it was the site of Betty Smith's fictional but well-known novel, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. Additionally, movies such as Saturday Night Fever starring John Travolta took place in Brooklyn, as did many of famed director Spike Lee's films. These are all literary and film classics that not just lawyers have enjoyed, but people all over the country and world.

347 Education

Brooklyn also has many public and private schools. A couple notable higher-education schools located in this 347 area code borough, among many, are the Pratt Institute and Brooklyn College. The well-known Brooklyn Law School is also located in this 347 area code borough. This law school is well-known for producing a high number of women and African-American lawyers. Recently a judge toosed out a lawsuit against the Brooklyn Law School brought by five former students who claim they were mislead about the sucess of previous graduates. Suing schools has become a more popular activity, especially for dissatisfied students encumbered with onerous student debt.

347 Transportation

Brooklyn has a sound public transportation system, which is of great help to New York lawyers who must commute to work and/or travel outside the area to attend business meetings. Brooklyn's transportation system includes eighteen New York City Subway lines and a public bus network. This 347 area code borough also contains three commuter rail stations. Besides public transportation, many expressways and parkways area also located in Brooklyn. Finally, the waterfront and bridges also offer modes of transportation within Brooklyn, and to and out of the borough as well. Find more Bronx lawyers using LegalMatch.