Queens is the largest in area of all of the 347 area code boroughs. Its population is only second to that of Brooklyn in comparison to the other 347 area code boroughs. Like Brooklyn, Queens is composed of many ethnicities and many of its residents are immigrants. In fact, more than 47% of Queens residents are immigrants, meaning there are a plethora of immigration lawyers in Queens. One example of a well-known immigration law firm in Queens with practicing immigration lawyers is Gladstein & Messinger. Recently, Queens has undergone a real estate boom as a lower-priced alternative to Manhattan. This makes Queens a popular place for lawyers and other well-to-do professionals to live in.

Most of the revenue from this 347 area code borough comes from tourism and manufacturing. Many large companies are also headquartered in Queens, including the makers of Vitamin Water and JetBlue Airways. While the legal industry may not make up a bulk of the economy in Queens, there are still many lawyers who practice in this borough. In fact, the Queens County Bar Association contains about 2,000 members and practicing lawyers.

Queens also contains its own criminal court system that lawyers practice in. Within this criminal court system, the District Attorney is elected by popular vote. In Queens, the District Attorney is currently Richard A. Brown, and he has been serving as such since 1991. It is notable that Richard A. Brown is a Democrat, like much of the rest of the government serving in Queens is. In fact, this 347 area code borough has not voted for a Republican Presidential candidate since 1972. Furthermore, there are six Democrats who represent this 347 area code borough in Congress. One of these Congressman is Gregory Meeks, representing the sixth district area, who is actually also a lawyer and judge. Another Congressman representing Queens is Anthony Weiner, whose father was a lawyer as well. Finally, Reshma Saujani, a hedge fund lawyer, is currently challenging incumbent Carolyn Maloney for her seat in Congress as a representative of Queens.

This 347 area code borough is also notable for the number of postsecondary schools it contains. Among them include Bramson ORT College, LaGuardi Community College, Queens College, Queensborough Community College, St. John's University, Vaughn College, and York College. While none of these colleges have specific J.D. programs training students to be lawyers, there is no doubt that many of their graduates have gone on to other law schools in the country in order to eventually practice as lawyers.

Queens is (or was) the residence of many notable persons. Among them include the infamous John Gotti, the Mafia Boss, who despite the best effort of his lawyers, ended up spending his last years in prison. Other famous celebrities who resided in this 347 area code borough include Donald Trump, Madonna, Nancy Reagan, Madonna, and John McEnroe, just to name a few.