Staten Island

Out of all the boroughs in the 347 area code, Staten Island is the most suburban one. It is also the least populated borough, with a population of about 490,000 residents. This borough has much less immigration and racial diversity than the other boroughs as well, although this is not to say that there isn't any present. About 76% of the population is White, 10% of the population is African American, and 7.5% Asian. However, it is notable that Richmond County (where Staten Island is located) has more Italian-Americans than any other county in the United States. Italians make up 47% of the white population in Staten Island.

In terms of lawyers, Staten Island has lawyers that practice in a wide variety of legal specialties. These include family lawyers, bankruptcy lawyers, personal injury lawyers, and so forth. Many of these lawyers are members of the Richmond County Bar Association located in Staten Island.

This 347 area code borough also has many of its own courthouses that lawyers can argue cases in. For example, there is the Staten Island Family Court and the Staten Island Supreme Court which are both located very close to each other. This proximity helps makes these courthouses a central place for lawyers to gather.

More than being known for lawyers though, this 347 area code borough is most well known for producing many film, television, and music stars. It is also the site of many television shows, books, and movies. In place, it is a great place for the arts and many celebrities in the entertainment industry are originally from Staten Island.